Georgia Kalodiki


Variations of Sisifos (2008-2009)

for cl, fl, pno, vln, vla, clo

Duration: 9 min

Variations of Sisifos PDFVariations of Sisifos MP3

This work is a three-partite form of variations. Here, I try to approach and depict the myth of Sisifos using the language of sounds. According to the myth Sisifos is condemned to lift a rock to the top of a mountain in infinity. This act of torture is in endless repetition because the rock always falls again and he has to restart the effort.

In this work the torture of Sisifos is depicted by the rise and fall of gestural patterns. The act of Sisifos is always the same but here a variational process takes place every time that the rock goes up so as to work as a relief to his endless repetitive torture.

Mp3 sample: Nakas Conservatory of Athens - Greek ensemble of new music, Director: Valery Oreskin