Georgia Kalodiki


Metavasis (2003)

for 7 instrumentalists

Duration: 12 min

Metavasis PDFMetavasis MP3

Metavasis, which in Greek means "transition" is inspired by the theory of natural selection by Darwin. The continuous transformation of material substance results in the creation of new forms of existence. By observing nature, one might conclude that these forms are of great simplicity and perfection in a deterministic way. In fact, all natural forms have one thing in common - unity. In the progressive process of creation, physical selection leads to self-maintaining balanced systems through a process of subtraction. These systems are gradually getting rid of unnecessary elements and as a result, this process generates a strong sense of progression in its inner substance.

Mp3 sample: M. Chalkias(clarinet), O. Mpasios(bassoon), M. Taliadouros (percussion), P. Valma (piano)