Georgia Kalodiki


Atoma (2002)

for 2 violins and piano

Duration: 9 min

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Atoma is based on the atomic theory of the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus (460 -370 B.C), who was born in Thracian Abdera. It is an experimental work centered on the concept of the gradual accumulation of similar sound elements.

According to the ancient philosopher, the basic characteristic of a physical entity is its material constitution. In fact, Democritus was the first systematic materialist in the history of philosophy. He developed the concept of a qualitatively uniform material substance, represented as a dense net of mobile atoms. From his point of view, every phenomenon is closely related to the mechanical movement of atoms, and as a result every entity in the real world is subject to quantitative measurement. He also believed that atomic theory exists not only in the material world but also in the spiritual world - a soul is made of atoms of fire, and an increase in the quality of its atoms simply means a closer approach to the real substance of being.

Mp3 sample: Greek Ensemble of New Music - conducting Th. Antoniou, Athens Music Hall