Georgia Kalodiki


Six Sketches for piano (2004)

for piano

Duration: 7 min

Six Sketches for piano PDFSix Sketches for piano MP3

Six Sketches, for piano, is a piece which relies on a purely schematic approach derived from twelve-tone technique. In composing this work, an effort has been made to conceive of the manipulation of the twelve-tone series - together with its transpositions and transformations - as a rich harmonic and melodic web of sounds to be used as a palette of colours with which to fill in geometrical structural patterns.

Every sketch is characterized by a focus on a different musical parameter in a manner that prepares the way for the subsequent sketch.

Musical Parameters

  1. First Sketch: Speed
  2. Second Sketch: Registral space - Volume
  3. Third Sketch: Density
  4. Fourth Sketch: Direction
  5. Fifth Sketch: Note durations (a contrast between short and long values)
  6. Sixth Sketch: Duration of trill figures

Mp3 sample: Pegy Valma (piano)